About Me

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find something useful here. This is a place where I share design and development explorations, ideas, and techniques. I also sprinkle in productivity and organizational techniques I find useful.

My name is Patrick Goddi and I am a designer/developer living in Silicon Valley. I love designing and building products and platforms, but also find leadership roles extremely rewarding; having learned so much from amazing design, research, and engineering teams I have directed at various times. twitter:@fooqri, in:goddip

Recent Products and Explorations

I am always looking for interesting projects to work on with interesting people. Here are a few of my current and past obsessions.


poggr.com is a browser-based authoring and publishing platform designed to support interactive content creation and delivery with the simplicity of making a blog post. It affords the ability to grow applications into a more sophisticated form as the user’s skills grow. It is a riff off the Douglas Engelbart quote: “If ease of use were the only requirement, we would all be riding tricycles.”

The vision was to provide a project-based authoring environment that can start with cloning an existing project. The user can easily modifying simple markdown documents and a Google spreadsheet filled with data to customized their content (training wheels). As the user’s skills grow they can use the same process to deploy custom interactive content using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS (racing bike). So the approach was not to hide code, but instead to hide all the other complexity (dependencies, versioning, deployment, permissions, etc).


Local202 is a mobile app with back-end service used by volunteers to organize and participate in field volunteer oriented challenges. The goal is to reduce the friction between having an idea, and organizing your social network to help you make the idea a reality.

After noticing a lot of inefficiencies in field activities for various volunteer groups, I started this project with a friend who organizes volunteers in London and works with NGOs around the world. Local202 supports the creation, communication, and execution of real world challenges for volunteer coordinators. This could involve any field activities including cleanup activities, handing out care packages, monitoring environmental changes, etc.

The idea is to make it easy and fun to take an idea and turn it into a challenge that you and your social network can tackle together. A second goal is support busy people who might not have time for long-term organizational commitments, but are happy to spend a few hours on discrete challenges.

Internet of Things Experiments

I am currently working with a friend on a few IoT experiments using the Intel Edison and a Node.js web service. At HP Labs I worked on a research project for a web-based IoT platform and I am still very enthusiastic about the value of web connected sensors and devices.

Past projects

HP Consumer Devices

I directed design and front-end engineering teams in HP’s Emerging Platforms organization, where we developed many consumer products. Products included HP’s first Android and Chrome OS based devices, HP’s Windows-based tablet devices, and HP’s TouchSmart PC’s.

Smart Places

I led a team of researchers, designers, and engineers working on an Internet of people, places, and things project. Our research focused on using Internet protocols and radio beacons to connect the physical world to context-aware web services. The HP Labs beacons predated the Apple iBeacon by over a decade, and was open-sourced to encourage research on the topic. Our research resulted in a zero-config discovery and service provisioning platform for delivering context-aware services to the Internet of people, places and things.

Mobile Research

I have always been fascinated by mobile experiences that connect with the physical world around us. At HP Labs I worked on a content authoring and game development platform for mobile location-based games and experiences called mscape. The platform was field tested in many places around the world with various partners. See Ere be Dragons a mobile game using GPS and heart monitor.

The exciting part of this research was the truly cross-functional nature of this research team. Designers, developer, and mobile researchers worked very closely in a continuous deploy, test, refine development process where we were constantly field testing the work around the world with many partners in universities, government, and industry.

Web Platforms

I worked for several years at HP.com as the core platform architect, managing product sites, content delivery, and commerce platforms.

Operating Systems

I started my career as an operating systems engineer working on various OS projects in HP’s enterprise business including kernel, I/O, and online patch.