Fast PhotoSync from iPhone

Doing iOS design and development I find myself capturing images on the iPhone all the time to make notes on. These usually end up being added to my notes or to our project wiki (see Screen Capture Goodness and Wiki + Searchable Notes for more on that).

To get the images from the phone to my Mac I was using Apple's Photo Stream feature but it took too long and sometime images just didn't show up on the Mac. So I went looking for a better solution and found the PhotoSync App in the app store. You install it on the iphone via the ios app store ($1.99), and on the Mac via the Mac app store (Free).

It can then be configured to synch all the images in your camera roll with the Mac over wifi. It has a quick transfer feature that allows it to transfer all images since the last sync to the Mac.

You start the transfer on the phone, and when it completes a Finder window will appear on the Mac so you can see the images. At this point I use script to move certain images into the right folders. The process is quick, simple, and works every time.

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