Getting RKLogConfigureByName working in RubyMotion

Just a quick note, I was getting an undefined constant error for RKLogConfigureByName, the standard way of setting up logging in RestKit. It seems that the #define statements in the /vendor/Pods/RestKit/Code/Support/RKLog.h file are not getting picked up. I am using the pod and loading with RubyMotion pod support, so I am not sure what the issue is. I will need to investigate further but this quick workaround works, just call the lower-level method mapped via the #define. For example instead of RKLogConfigureByName use RKlcl_configure_by_name. I also list all the RKlcl_v constants to use instead of the RKLogLevel constants. I also included an example of how they are used, in this case I have put the setup in a method, and it gets called from the the standard didFinishLaunchingWithOption application block.

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