Popup Workbench

We are down to one car, as we can walk/bike to about anything we could possibly need including caltrain and light rail. So the garage is now empty of cars, and filled with toys. While playing ping pong one day I decided a beverage table would be nice in the garage, but something that could also serve as a work surface in a pinch. Something to put some tools on, etc. I wanted it to be something that could be folded out of the way when not needed, and something that didn't cost a lot since I wasn't sure if it would really prove useful. Sort of a prototype 1 of a collapsable work surface concept.


I had some left over bamboo flooring from an old home improvement project that I thought would make a great table top, and I always have a few sheets of plywood around. All I was missing was the folding legs. After some searching I found some folding shelf bench brackets. I ordered 2 and installed them into a couple of wall studs in the garage and mounted a plywood top. I then cut and glued the strand bamboo flooring to the top to make a nice hard surface.


For a true folding workbench something like this looks very cool. If I decide I need something larger and more heavy duty I may go that route, but I have other benches already. I was looking for something that could add another table/work surface in a pinch in that particular location in the garage. Now I also have a nice place to put cold drinks during ping pong matches.


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