nvALT and Emacs

In a previous post wiki-searchable-notes I mentioned that I was using nvALT for note taking. nvALT is a very simple way to create and search notes and store them in flat files that can be used by other tools. One use is publishing to a github wiki, today I will discuss another. I am an Emacs user and often found myself dropping out of Emacs to find a note I needed in nvALT. [Read More]

Emacs Experimental Hyper-Key Mappings

In a previous post Remapping My Caps Lock Key I mentioned that I remapped my caps-lock key to escape, but also created a "hyper-key" (ctrl-shift-cmd-opt) when the caps-lock key is held down. This opens up a keyboard worth of new shortcuts for emacs. Here are a few I have been playing with for the past few days. An alternative key mapping would be to map the hyper key to holding down the tab key, if you already have the caps lock key mapped to control, and thus muscle memory might preclude this mapping from working for you. [Read More]
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Remapping My Caps Lock Key

I've had my caps lock key mapped to the control key for the last few months as I have migrated back to Emacs from TextMate. It was a slight improvement over the placement of the control key but not a huge improvement. I came across this article: A Useful CAPS-Lock Key from Brett Terpstra and decided to give his mapping a try. This mapping requires free third party software, but I was particularly intrigued not by the escape key mapping, which is very handy, but by the " [Read More]