I decided to try getting Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) working with the RedBearLab BLE Nano, and this post describes one way to get the Nordic ANCS demo running on a BLE Nano. This post shows how to get an ARM development environment and toolchain up and running on OS X in order to develop apps for the Nordic BLE SoC's (e.g. nRF51822 based boards like the BLE Nano).


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ANCS Message Display

Ever want to see that last iPhone message without checking your phone. It is actually fairly easy to create a secondary message display using an Arduino, BLE, and an LCD display to conect to the Apple Notification Center Service on your iPhone.



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Self Updating Edison Apps

One of the challenges I have had in handing out prototype devices is keeping the software up to date. Solutions like do a nice job of deploying bundler images onto devices like the Edison. The primary issue I had was the overhead of pushing bundler images around when the only thing that was changing was the node app. It seemed easier to just use git and npm to handle the updates. I may go the route later, but this early in dev and testing the git route seems simpler.


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I2C MPU-6050

I am using an accelerometer in my most recent device to capture gesture and orientation information, as the device itself has no traditional user interface. Since the device is running a node.js app to capture data and push it to a cloud service the first prototype required a quick solution to getting data from an MPU.


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Revisiting Buyer's Agent app using React.js

In a past post I showed a Mobile Real Estate App that was built with Polymer. This time around I will revisit the app but instead use React.js. The Mobile Buyer's Agent application is a simple web based application used to demonstrate a basic React.js mobile web app. The goal is to allows a real estate buyer's agent to deliver a personalized mobile app experience to their clients by adding data to a Google spreadsheet. The agent updates a Google spreadsheet, and the web app loads its data from the spreadsheet.

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