Revisiting Buyer's Agent app using React.js

In a past post I showed a Mobile Real Estate App that was built with Polymer. This time around I will revisit the app but instead use React.js. The Mobile Buyer's Agent application is a simple web based application used to demonstrate a basic React.js mobile web app. The goal is to allows a real estate buyer's agent to deliver a personalized mobile app experience to their clients by adding data to a Google spreadsheet. The agent updates a Google spreadsheet, and the web app loads its data from the spreadsheet.

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Photo Caption Challenge

Using Facebook Login, S3, and DynamoDb in browser app One of the challenges of building small mobile web apps without a traditional back-end server is storing global state in a secure way. In my exploration of ways to store state I decided to build a very simple multi-player social app that allows players to participate in a simple photo challenge game. The game author specifies a photo caption and then invites friends to add photo responses that most creatively match the caption. [Read More]

Mobile Real Estate App - Version 1

I promised a few examples of spreadsheet driven apps. You may remember the Hipster List was the first example. These are simple web apps that are initialized using data from a Google Spreadsheet once the user loads them in a browser. Using spreadsheets to keep app information current is easy for anyone. There is even a way for users to point the app at their own Google Spreadsheet if the app developer wants to turn feature that on.

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Spreadsheet Driven Web Apps


Using Google spreadsheets is a great way for a team to collaborate on a data set but it leaves a bit to be desired on presentation of the data. To that end I will be creating a series of fun examples showing how to build small interactive apps that utilize Google Docs and Polymer web components to quickly bring data to life. In this series I will be using a Google spreadsheet as the data source, but other data sources are possible, and I will get to those as well in future posts.'

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